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Taneika & Mathew | Knights Beach Engagement Session

July 2, 2020

Ya’ll, having a newborn and working at the same time is 1000% harder than I imagined. Yes, everyone told me. However, nothing could prepare me for this chubby bundle of goodness, who we call Nora, and the constant attention she craves. I imagined Nora would sleep for 2 hours at at a time during the day, in the lovely bassinet I have next to my desk, while I type and edit away, sipping my hot coffee and running my business as if nothing had really changed. In reality, she mirco-naps for twenty minutes at a time and usually on me, not in her bassinet. In reality, my coffee is cold because there is no time to drink it while it’s hot. Her big blue eyes melt my heart as she demands my full attention- singing her songs, feeding her, loving on her and just being with her.

And I have to say, its absolute bliss.

Call it Stokholm Syndrome, but motherhood has been joyful for me. The cuddles are like dose after dose of dopamine and I’m addicted. So, while I am not complaining, it has taken me over a week to complete this blog post. I laugh at my past self imagining a sleeping baby giving me ample time to do what I want. Silly, Flavia. Babies don’t care what you want and coffee doesn’t stay hot for long.

So, I am learning to adapt to my new reality. Sneaking in emails between her quick naps. Editing while she sits on my lap watching “infant YouTube,” which is a real thing. Talking to clients on speaker phone while changing her nappy. Ya’ll, I am a multi-tasking goddess and I am damn proud.

I am also so grateful for my couples who cheer me on and believe in me. Take this lovely, down to earth couple, Taneika and Mathew. The first thing Taneika asked me when we met up for their engagement session was how I was going with baby Nora. Honestly, a simple question like that makes me feel supported in this juggling act I call my new reality. I really do have wonderful clients, so let’s talk about them for a little bit.

Tanieka and Mathew are gorgeous together and I think their easy-going vibes shows in their engagement photos. I met up with them at Port Elliott’s Knights Beach on a beautiful winter’s afternoon, right before sunset, and the landscape really showed off for us. Wrapped in a beautiful coat, Taneika, who is originally from up North, braved the cold and went barefoot. Mathew led the way as he knew the location well since he had been visiting the rocky spot since childhood. We climbed¬† and peeked over the steep edges admiring the restless waves below. Then we went down to the sand where we caught the last bit of sun and walked and talked about how crazy this year has been.

I am looking forward to their summer wedding in Langhorne Creek next year, especially since they plan to play a bit of country music, one of my guilty pleasures. A little bit of country never hurt anyone, right?

After spending a bit of time photographing these two, I rushed back home to my laptop and baby Nora. Sipping on a glass of wine in front of a nice fire, I simultaneously used my foot to rock her in the bouncer while editing this gorgeous session with my free hands. Life is good and I am grateful.

It was a pleasure Taneika and Mathew, until next year on your wedding day! xo



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