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Katya & Nikola | Canberra Wedding

August 6, 2020

This wedding was pre-Covid-19. Remember those days, just last year?

Dancing with a beer in your hand.
Kissing cheerful cheeks.
Hugging loved ones.
Sharing good food.
Taking a shot and then laughing straight into your best mate’s face.

Those were the days. And this Canberra wedding is a damn good example of how life used to be and will be once again….when this pandemic is over.

Katya and Nikolai celebrated in true Aussie style, with a bit of a Russian twist. And by Russian twist, I mean loads of vodka. Katya was simply stunning in her sequined gown and Nik played the part of the handsome groom in a suit that was deep blue. They were married in a colorfully ornate Russian Orthodox Church, where the ceremony was led by Nik’s father and a choir of beautiful voices singing in Russian. I had never been to a Russian Orthodox wedding before, let alone photographed one, so I was educated ahead of time of the unique traditions I’d be documenting. For example, the bride’s escort by friends and family to the entrance of the church to meet her groom. It was a heart-warming moment that was so simply done. Katya didn’t care that the children were running around the courtyard as she was being led to Nik. It didn’t matter. It was all part of the moment; a community of people who love this couple, coming together to support them. Sigh, I live for those moments.

Then the ceremony started and there were gorgeous crowns placed atop of the couples heads before they walked in a circle among their guests. Then, a passionate kiss and lots of hugs from friends and family who were in awe of the gorgeous couple and the church they were getting married in. 

Afterwards, the wedding party had a pop-up happy hour in the local park while everyone took turns getting their portraits done. Right before sunset we sauntered over to the reception location, The Fitters Workshop by Canberra Glassworks, where we took more pictures before starting the reception. 

Oh, and there was dancing. Lots and lots of dancing. The moment the couple walked in they danced their way to the head table. During dinner and in between speeches there were so many vodka shots I lost count. The fun continued, despite the heat of the day (did I mention this was around bushfire season?) and as the sun went down, the music was turned up. Katya, an avid dancer in her spare time, tore up the dance floor in those heels and that sequined dress showed off.

Looking at these pictures I tell myself I will never take for granted our ability to congregate, celebrate and bust a drunk move, ever again.

Katya and Nik, thank you for being such a fun couple. You treated me and Ben with so much kindness and we appreciate the opportunity to capture these once in a lifetime photos for you guys. XO

ps. See Katya and Nik’s Sydney Engagement Session on the blog.



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